Like the Ancient Egyptians, Louis XIII, Cher, or Crispin with Dave, we like to wear our wigs long, and kick real high. Welcome to where the wigs grow. This year’s crop looks to be extra flossy.

WigFarm originally formed in 1977 as one boy who played no instruments, and another who wrote no songs. Together they collaborated, and began plagiarizing immediately. These were very, very simple songs -- songs about rocking and rolling, working, drinking whiskey, and being the apeman. Over time, the WigFarm brand has evolved.

Today, WigFarm boasts 8 track cassette recorders, Stereo Microphones, Reel to reel recorders, and this fucking computer. We've become professionals at many professions. I hope that you enjoy this first installment of our "stereotape of the month club". Featuring one of a kind recordings tailored to individual 8-track cartridges. Download it tight and squeezed for free, or purchase the actual cart at maximum comfort for the low, low price of $999.99. We guarantee that these cartridges will function properly and will not square off your earholes. At prices like this, they'll last forever.